June 26, 2017

About Us – Evolution Of Economic Thought

The purpose of Evolution of Economics is to discuss the history, current state and future of Economics and how we as a society view Economics.

Economics has become a “dismal science” indeed. Not because of the reasons once proposed for giving the discipline this moniker, because of the unbelievable specificity of homogeneity which is prevalent in the education of the subject today.  More and more economics is seen only as a mathematical formulation of numbers. Economics is the king of all subjects. We can surely not escape economics influencing every other discipline of study and of life itself. We can surely, however, see how economics, as it is taught today, is not discipline informed by history or other social sciences. And surely we know that historians are dreadful in their understanding of economics.

As I go to conferences, talks, debates and as the world turns, I will provide a post to keep Economics moving forward.