January 24, 2018

Mises University 2016: My Experience

Rothbard and MeI love Economics. There I said it. Some people love Star Wars, some love their favorite football team, some people love cars or whatever the endeavor that moves them through the highlights of their lives. I love studying human action and doing so through the king of the social sciences: Economics. So it is through this passion that I found myself surrounded by over one hundred and eighty likeminded individuals from over seventeen different countries at Mises University 2016.


This week long event was from July 24th through July 30th, 2016. The event is open to both undergraduate and graduate students as well as observers who share the desire to dive deeper into the study of economics as presented by the Mises Institute. Also this year, was the option to attend the event virtually via the internet for a small fee ($20.00 US), which is a great deal for those unable to make the event live itself. Most lectures through Mises.org are presented in video and audio format, but there are some graduate seminars and special classes which are not. I was lucky enough to be invited to attend the graduate seminars and the special class this year, which were most eye opening.

Mises Institute outsideThis is one of a multi part series of blog posts on Mises University 2016 which will give a brief overview of each of the seminars I attended, some of the “take aways” presented within. There was a hefty amount of reading material which was to be read before arrival at Mises U and all who read/reviewed the material are better for it.

The schedule of a typical student during the week was rising and getting to breakfast at the Auburn University Dining Hall around 7:30 AM to 8:30 AM. Then off to the Mises Institute for coffee and discussion with fellow Mises students. Lectures for the day start at 9:00 AM and run until 7:30 PM, having breaks for lunch and dinner also generously provided by the Institute. Often afterward, students would continuously stay discussing and debating the topics into the wee hours of the night (sometimes over an adult beverage downtown) only to repeat this process again the next day.

While there were other lectures at the event, I am listing only the lectures I attended in the list below. If they have one asterisk after the professor who gave the talk it was a closed group that needed to be pre-registered for. If it has two asterisks it was an invitation only graduate seminar.


Sunday July 24th, 2016

8:00 PM – “Down with ‘Leadership’: Against the Election” – Dr. Tom Woods

Monday July 25th, 2016

9:00 AM – “Birth of the Austrian School” – Dr. Joseph Salerno

10:00 AM – “Subjective Value and Market Prices” – Dr. David Howden

11:00 AM – “Praxeology: The Method of Economics” – Dr. David Gordon

1:00 PM – “The Division of Labor and the Social Order” – Dr. Jeff Herbener

2:00 PM – “Money” – Dr. Lucas Engelhardt

3:00 PM – “Austrian Capital Theory” – Dr. Roger Garrison

4:00 PM – “Entrepreneurship” – Dr. Peter Klein

6:30 PM – “An Evening with Judge Napolitano” – Judge Andrew Napolitano
Tuesday July 26th, 2016

9:00 AM – “Common Objections to Capitalism” – Dr. Timothy Terrell

10:00 AM – “Calculation and Socialism” – Dr. Joseph Salerno

11:00 AM – “The Constitution and the Free Market I” – Judge Andrew Napolitano*

1:00 PM – “The Economics of Fractional Reserve Banking” – Dr. Jeff Herbener

2:00 PM – “The Constitution and the Free Market II” – Judge Andrew Napolitano*

3:00 PM – “Economics of a Stateless Society” – Dr. Robert Murphy

4:00 PM – “Sweatshops” – Dr. Benjamin Powell

6:45 PM – “Is an Academic Career for You?” – Panel

Wednesday July 27th, 2016

9:00 AM – “The Austrian Theory of the Business Cycle” – Dr. Roger Garrison

10:00 AM – “The Constitution and the Free Market III” – Judge Andrew Napolitano*

11:00 AM – “Anarchism as a Comparative Institutional Research” – Dr. Benjamin Powell**

1:00 PM – “The Constitution and the Free Market IV” – Judge Andrew Napolitano*

2:00 PM – “Hayek and Keynes: Head to Head” – Dr. Roger Garrison

3:00 PM – “The Constitution and the Free Market V” – Judge Andrew Napolitano*

4:00 PM – “Government Funding and Science” – Dr. William Butos**

Free Evening For Study

Thursday July 28th, 2016

9:00 AM – “Ludwig von Mises” – Dr. Gary North

10:00 AM – “The Constitution and the Free Market VI” – Judge Andrew Napolitano*

11:00 AM – “Apriorism and Positivism in the Social Sciences” – Dr. David Gordon

1:00 PM – “The Constitution and the Free Market VII” – Judge Andrew Napolitano*

2:00 PM – “The Case for Privatization of Everything”- Dr. Walter Block

3:00 PM – “The Constitution and the Free Market VIII” – Judge Andrew Napolitano*

4:00 PM – “Equilibrium vs Coordination in Austrian and Walrasian Traditions”

– Dr. G.P. Manish**

Friday July 29th, 2016

9:00 AM – “The Constitution and the Free Market IX” – Judge Andrew Napolitano*

10:00 AM – “The Gold Standard vs Fiat Money” – Dr. Joseph Salerno

11:00 AM – “Murray N. Rothbard” – Dr. Walter Block

1:00 PM – “Externalities, Public Goods and the Role of Government” – Dr. Peter Klein

2:00 PM – “The Market for Security” – Dr. Robert Murphy

3:00 PM – “Theory and Method” – Engelhardt, Garrison, Gordon, Herbener, Klein, Salerno

4:00 PM – “Policy and History” – Block, DiLorenzo, Howden, Murphy, Terrell, Thornton, Woods

Saturday July 30th, 2016

10:15 AM – “Practical Career Advice for Young Austro-Libertarians” – Dr. Raymond Walter

3:30 PM – Closing Remarks and Awards Ceremony

Awesome Picture Provided by Blaine Kelley

It was a remarkable experience all around. To be able to interact with so many Professors who are so deeply knowledgeable on so many subjects and with such a command of the information was astounding.

The air around the event was electrified, as each person from their own nestled corner of the world met face to face in a structured yet wild culmination of learning and hunger to experience more. It is not only the interaction with the faculty from whom I am speaking of, but my fellow alumni who were present, as we all most assuredly learned from one another as we did the faculty.

I used to think that only students who are interested in economics should go experience Mises U. But after having gone through Mises University 2016, and deciding in a few years that I will return, I encourage any student who is interested in expanding their mind and hearts to sign up for Mises 2017 as soon as you possibly can.

You will not be disappointed.

In Liberty,

Michael Tabone

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